Sovelia Vault 2022.1.2 What's New

Thinking of upgrading? Want to see when a feature was introduced? Below outlines all the major inclusions into the 2022.1.2 version of Sovelia Vault

Sovelia Vault 2022.1.2

New functionality

  • SMTP mail password encrypted


  • Thin client links now differ based on server version rather than client
  • Thin client links now work for 2022
  • iLogic Custom Action no longer erases working folder
  • Fixed bug where it was not possible to send jobs to the job queue
  • Fixed bug where custom actions would only work if sent by admin
  • Fixed bug where drawing list link would crash Vault instead of showing an error message
  • Profiles(Sovelia Vault configuration) did not work in 2022
  • Empty output path on ilogic rule produced error.
  • Fixed error where data export would be empty if only computed values were chosen.
  • Execution conditions on job processor now works with groups and user information. It took job user credentials instead of user who created job.
  • Job Creation condition bug fixes.
  • Property updated dialog remembers "run on client" setting.

Sovelia PLM release 22.0

11 April 2022

The 3D functionality in Sovelia PLM includes fast and easy workflows that are developed to help you visualise and view your product data in a 3D format, directly inside Sovelia PLM.