Sovelia Inventor

Productivity by excellence for Mechanical Engineers, reducing manual and tedious work in Autodesk Inventor.

Introduction to Sovelia Inventor


Increased productivity

...with streamlined and faster engineering process.

Intelligent standard component libraries your time.

Comply with modeling and drafting standards

...with easy drawing and model property handling.

Best in class property handling

Best in class property handling

...and ERP lookup.

Possibility to expand Sovelia Core PLM solution.

Speed up and improve the quality of your engineering process

Your daily engineering work will be more efficient and the quality of product information and documentation improved with the possibilities you get with Sovelia Inventor.

Sovelia Inventor has been developed over time together with our large customer base representing a wide range of industries to ensure that templates and functions help your everyday work.

With Sovelia Inventor you can increase your productivity by streamlining and speeding up the engineering process with enhancements to standard Autodesk Inventor software. 

Built-in Autodesk Inventor interface

Having Sovelia Inventor installed with Autodesk Inventor you can eliminate manual and labor intense work.The software methodology is based on helping you from modelling the first piece of design until the drawings are produced, including correct parts lists and all necessary information in place.

Works with Autodesk Inventor

Supports the current Autodesk Inventor version and three versions back.

Part list editor

Part list editor enables you to edit BOM from the drawing using the property card.

Sync properties

Synchronise any Inventor Property (Including Custom) to a similar or different property in the Drawing.


Plate Extents, Round Plate, (X&Y, X&Z, Y&Z, X, Y, Z) Extents, Longest Length, Flat Bar, Round Bar, Sum of Sweep path length.

Property card

Configurable Inventor Property Display and editing, Data conditioning Mandatory Value, Uppercase, Lowercase, List, Read only, Maximum/Minimum Length, Force to Numbers, List with free entry, Configurable Tooltips. Supports Model States and Instance Properties.

Make independent

Replace one or all instances of a part or assembly in the Parent Assembly.

Secondary file formats

Secondary file formats


Make drawing

Make drawing

Makes drawing automatically from a selected assembly or part file.

Make part drawing

Makes single part drawings automatically from a selected assembly

Draw plates

Draw plates

Draw plates are a simple tool for extracting plates from a construction. Sovelia Inventor will extract and sort plates into a multi-sheet Inventor drawing by material and thickness.



Sovelia Inventor weld contains tools to keep track of the welding processes. From defining the welds in the engineering phase, to do the final welding check and testing. A robust numbering and weld handling process in Inventor makes the welding easy in Inventor. You can export weld data to excel, xml, csv, and get a total number and length of the different weld types. It can be used with Inventor weldments, or without any weld preparations.




You can get extremely high level of customisation for your company's needs. For example pre-configured Stairs, Ladders, Smart handrails and company standard Smart libraries. We can help you to make your company's own branded engineering tool with Sovelia Inventor as the foundation.

Flat Pattern Export from assembly

Makes single part flat pattern export from assembly in dxf, Autocad DWG and sat formats.

Copy Properties

Copies Properties between model and drawing both ways and also copies data between properties in drawings.

Quick Open

Search and find files fast and easy in local workspace and opens in Inventor.

Sovelia Inventor ERP lookup

Secondary formats with Sovelia Inventor

Sovelia Inventor Drawing Tools

Make Drawing in Sovelia Inventor

Sovelia Inventor Make Part Drawings

Sovelia Inventor Welding

Draw plates in Sovelia Inventor

Sovelia Inventor Components

Sovelia Inventor Components; Ladders and stairs

Sovelia Inventor Handrail components

Sovelia Inventor Instance properties

Sovelia Inventor Check In and Out

Sovelia Inventor Flat Pattern Export

Sovelia Inventor Make Component Independent

Sovelia Inventor Property Handler

Sovelia Inventor Quick Open

Sovelia Inventor is a very good tool for us. We couldn't work in Inventor without it. I can highly recommend it.
Rune Risløv
Discipline Lead CAD, Marine Aluminium
With the help of Sovelia Inventor we solve tasks smarter and more efficient while ensuring a uniform quality of our products. Sovelia Inventor is easy to configure and has an intuitive user interface that makes it seamless and natural to use in any project.
Baard Christian Havdal
Technical manager, Northwest Solutions
Sovelia Inventor helps us keep all users aligned with our work processes. With the help of automated tasks and “one click” features we ensure a user friendly interface and secure correct data input and quality.
Tom Schou Henrichsen
Manager IT/IS, Drilling Systems, Cameron Sense AS
Sovelia Inventor add-on is used mainly by our design / structural department. As a discipline leader I can say that it is a very useful tool that increases our productivity. I have especially positive feedback from my department for property editor, Sovelia Inventor components, parameter editor and make part drawings.
Sulejman Durakovic, Discipline Leader Mechanical
Palfinger Marine Norway AS
Sovelia Inventor simplifies the adding of metadata to iProperties. We can also create drawings faster with the help of Sovelia Inventor and save a lot of time.
Tore Marstein, Global CAD Manager
Viking Lifesaving Equipment AS

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