Sovelia Sync 2.0 What's New

Find out all the new and updated features of Sovelia Sync 2.0

What's new / Enhancements


Sovelia Sync synchronizes files between your local folder and Sovelia workfiles/documents.

It can be used to manage document creation and update. You can also to subscribe to Sovelia documents as read only files.


  • Retrieve the Sovelia installation package from Confluence…
  • Run the installation as Complete
  • Install and launch Sync
  • Open Sync by clicking on the icon in the system tray.
  • Click on the dots to define the server.
  • Enter the Sovelia server address.
  • Login to Sovelia


Adding new files to Sovelia


  • Simply save or move your files to your Sovelia Sync folder.
  • You can also use the Sovelia menu to move or copy files to your Sync folder.
  • The files will appear in Sync.
  • New files are available as work files in Sovelia.
  • You can use the work files when creating a document object in Sovelia.


Editing files

  • Select from the files tab on the document.
  • Select “Open in SoveliaSync.Exe”
  • The document will be locked in Sovelia for editing.
  • The file is copied to you Sync folder and launched for editing.
  • Make your changes to the document file, save it and close the application.
  • If setting “Automatic apply after changes after upload of the file” is set, the file will updated in in Sovelia and the document lock will be removed.
  • If this setting is not set, then you will need to manually apply the changes from you Sync folder.


Subscribing files

When you tag  documents as a favorites, the files are synchronized to your local folder as read-only. Any changes in Sovelia are updated to you folder.



  • Handle logout from server when logout is performed with CAD Add-in
  • Handle new URI scheme implementation to be able to work on Web Client versions from 19.4 & forward
  • GDPR acceptance failed without notifying user, and other GDPR acceptance issues.

Sovelia PLM release 22.0

11 April 2022

The 3D functionality in Sovelia PLM includes fast and easy workflows that are developed to help you visualise and view your product data in a 3D format, directly inside Sovelia PLM.