Sovelia Server 20.1 What's New

Thinking of upgrading? Want to see when a feature was introduced? Below outlines all the major inclusions into the 20.1 release of Sovelia Server.

What's new / enhancements


Grid User Interface look and feel changes

In this version of Sovelia we are starting the transition to a new look and feel. The change is driven by you the user. There are three factors driving the changes, reduction of the many colours on screen to a plainer, calmer, simpler, predominantly black interface. Second more meaning to the information that appear on screen and the focus of attention. Lastly with the Grid (Grid as a start in this version) we are reducing the size individual elements take up on screen and the blank space between those elements. This result is, more items, documents, objects visible on the screen at any one time. We hope the common way of displaying this information across the HTML client will mean it is easier to navigate and access the information that is important to you.


Delete an Object from the HTML Client

We wanted to reproduce functionality that exists in the java client but at the same time make it even better in this new HTML version. What happens if the item you are deleting is a child item or this item is connected in many other items? As well as supporting the functionality from java we have enhanced the function by being able to remove the item from the BOM but not delete it completely from Sovelia or you can delete the item from Sovelia and all its connections.

There is also a bonus feature if you are an administrator user, We now see Admin tools appearing and the first of those admin tools is two delete methods. Watch the video below to see how it all looks inside the HTML client.


Change the Type tree value

Missing from the HTML Grid view, until now, has been the ability to change the type tree value for an object. In this release you can now change the Type tree value (classification). It sounds simple but there was a lot of background work needed to refine the process with questions like "what happens if the type I'm selecting needs more information?" What happens to all the not needed fields from the type I'm changing from?" We answered these questions and more to give you a full experience. There are also jumps from one type to another that should never be made. We've tried to add some conditioning that for instance stops you turning an item into a document! 


Grid performance (Big Structures)

Pure performance, our users constantly tell us they speed is important. "We want to be doing things, not waiting for them to happen" We've been improving the speed of displaying large assemblies in the grid environment. We have also enhanced how subtree items are displayed in the grid environment making it easier to se the connection between the levels.

Bonus tip: Shift + Expand


JAVA Client

  • No changes



REST Call performance. We have worked to reduce the time it takes to communicate between the CAD Add-in and Server through the REST calls. In some cases the speed is now up to x4 faster. Optimising the communication between the grid in the CAD Add-in and the Sovelia Server. We have worked to reduce the communication needed between the serve and the CAD Add-in. This has resulted in faster communication and better performance in the Grid of the CAD Add-in. 

Sovelia Server

  • Creating an ECR without the need for a Contributor license. We listened to customer feedback and changed the licensing policy. Normally you need a Contributor license to create a new object in Sovelia. But we see change as an important part of any companies development process. So we have amended the license policy to allow anyone with a Participant license to be able to create an Engineering Change Request (ECR)   
  • Server work folder management improvements?  Watch the video below for an explanation.



PLM Template 2.0!

Out of the box for new users we have changed the default template experience. This means potentially less custom configuration needed but also a better user experience. Now users will draw upon the knowledge of many existing customers of Sovelia and there shaping of the solution to mean out of the box the templates have been enhanced based on user feedback. 

  • Simplifications in datamodel
  • Fine tunings in HTML dashboard configurations
  • HTML UI baskets definition changed
  • Changes in HTML grid definitions
  • Class specific default thumbnail icons added
  • Improvements on dashboard statistics, e.g. ECO lead-times
  • Renewed user access definitions with new user groups
  • Email triggers configured to ECR/ECO process
  • Updates on copy as new operations


What version of Sovelia server am I currently running?

Use the Video below to help you find out which version of Sovelia CAD Add-in, Sovelia Server or Sovelia Sync you currently have installed.



This is an overview document for a specific version of Sovelia Server. Not every detail or feature is covered. You should look for further information or contact us or look at, how-to articles, tutorials, webinars and reference documents on for more information. 


Sovelia PLM release 22.0

11 April 2022

The 3D functionality in Sovelia PLM includes fast and easy workflows that are developed to help you visualise and view your product data in a 3D format, directly inside Sovelia PLM.