Sovelia PLM 22.1 Released

Thinking of upgrading? Want to see when a feature was introduced? Below outlines all the major inclusions into the 22.1 release of Sovelia PLM.

SOVELIA PLM 22.1 Released


Self administration tools

As administrators of Sovelia PLM we want to empower you to make changes yourself about the configuration of the system. This is the first module we have enabled for users to complete configuration tasks on the system. Our aim is to role out more functions in the future that users can administer themselves. For now we think Data types is the logical first start task that users themselves would feel comfortable in managing themselves. Take a look at the video below to find out just how easy it is to add  a new data field and then start using it to capture information about your object.

We have also added a second configuration option. Taking data from the PLM server you can now configure the corresponding data field for the CAD Add-in. 

The video below shows how to connect the CAD Add-in to Sovelia PLM data fields. This makes available for users for the first time the ability to control the whole process of data flow from the CAD Add-in to Sovelia PLM even creating new Data types if needed.

** The CAD Add-in functionality is available for the server only at present and the final step of using the configuration in this CAD Add-in will be available with a future release of the CAD Add-in.

Share grid column configurations 

Communicate more easily within your organisation. As an administrator or power user you want to make and configure a view of the Grid. You then want to share that view with everyone in you organisation so it can be used globally. With this release of Sovelia PLM we have made the creation and management of common  grid column configurations really easy and intuitive for users.


Simplified Workflow

Following user feedback with have created a shortcut icon to download a file in the files pop up menu to easy up file downloads and reduce clicks.

Group Filtering

With this release we increase the support for Administrators to filter menu buttons by group to enable or disable specific groups from gaining access to specific functionality. Don't want a group to be able to create reports or edit specific information? In this version that is now possible along with many other options.

As well as menu buttons graphs in dashboards and statistical data views tabs are now visible or note based on users group or role.

Access to change the settings is from the newly renamed UI settings button.


Drawing view name captured

Reducing confusion in the files section of the HTML interface Sovelia now supports the inclusion of the drawing view name in the file created in Sovelia 

Sovelia 3D Viewer

Still in development the 3D Viewer now benefits from an experimental AR button added to the viewer for Android devices (not for windows PC or Apple iOS devices currently)

The function allows users to place the 3D model in a realistic environment and explode the parts in the model for a clearer view.


Sovelia & 3D viewer servers

  • Multiple security enhancements
  • Server component logging optimized
  • minor enhancements and optimizations


Other issues resolved

  • Browser Client: Date control was not positioned optimally when opened from grid column
  • Browser Client: Date controller rendered date wrongly
  • Browser Client: 'Hasparents' field could not be sorted in grid column
  • Browser Client: 3D viewer default zoom state was not optimal in all models
  • Browser Client: UI rendering optimizations
  • Browser Client: Status history could be rendered wrongly when status approvals were skipped.
  • SOVELIA server: Scandinavian letters were encoded incorrectly in PDF report
  • SOVELIA server: Wordsearch did not work as expected if value contained underscore ("_")
  • SOVELIA server: Production view updates optimized and works now faster
  • SOVELIA server: Cached LongText virtual fields caused trigger failures
  • SOVELIA server: Sorting according to Has 3D file column did not work
  • JAVA client: Long description could cause remarkable slowness when opening object card
  • JAVA client: Special characters in password were causing troubles with AD-integration
  • PLM template: Object approval trigger did not use status level defined parameters as expected

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