Sovelia CAD Add-in (Inventor) 22.2 What's New

Thinking of upgrading? Want to see when a feature was introduced? Below outlines all the major inclusions into the 22.2 version of the CAD Add-in for Inventor.

New features


Grid 2.0 – preview


The first main feature of this release is the inclusion of Grid 2.0 -preview with better performance and stability. Users should use this tool to evaluate performance with a reduced Tool set in this version.

Grid 2.0

See here for the full list of information about this feature.


3D viewer - preview

The second main feature of this release of the Inventor CAD Add-in is support for exporting 3D geometry from Inventor to the Sovelia server for viewing in the HTML environment.

CAD Export 3D Viewer


See here for the full list of information about this feature in the CAD Add-in and the HTML environment.


Enhanced clone functionality

The clone command can now be started from inside the grid by right clicking on a single item.

Clone in Grid

Within the Clone command itself there is now the support for manually naming the file to save to disk produced as part of the clone.

Manual File name in clone


Mandatory field awareness

In the property card if a section is collapsed it is not obvious to see if it contains a mandatory field. The Property card below contains two mandatory fields but the section they are in has been minimised.

Property cad collapsed


Upon trying to close the property card you are now warned by the sections expanding and a red outline around the mandatory field(s) displaying

Property card expanded
* Searching type from property card shows filters results


Enhanced Features

Clone command skips item number

When using the clone command, the next Sovelia ID was not always used and sometimes Sovelia ID’s were skipped before the next ID was used for the clone. This has now been corrected and the next available Sovelia ID will always be used. This will reduce gaps in the Sovelia ID numbering.


Multiple monitor support enhanced

In some cases, the Property card was missing when multiple monitors where used. We have improved the support for users with multiple monitors.


Configuration changes

3D Export - New

New section added at the end of the file for Sovelia 3D Export

  <Sovelia3DToleranceConfig DefaultValueId="2">

            <ToleranceLevel Id="1" Name="Extra high" Value="0.0015625"/>

            <ToleranceLevel Id="2" Name="High" Value="0.0062500"/>

            <ToleranceLevel Id="3" Name="Normal" Value="0.0250000"/>

            <ToleranceLevel Id="4" Name="Medium" Value="0.1000000"/>

            <ToleranceLevel Id="5" Name="Low" Value="0.4000000"/>



Send BOM - Update

By default, the Publish function does not include the <PreAction> of Send BOM       <PreAction Id="SoveliaEngineeringSendBOMAction">.

To Send the Bom to Sovelia either, use the Send Bom button in the Sovelia Ribbon or add the <PreAction> Send Bom function into the Configuration for Publish.

Promote still included the code to Send BOM to Sovelia so you can use it as an example code to copy to the Publish section.


Property Update - Update

To speed up loading of Inventor with the Sovelia CAD Add-in loaded, On open of a model or drawing the property update is now NOT run automatically.

Sovelia PLM release 22.0

11 April 2022

The 3D functionality in Sovelia PLM includes fast and easy workflows that are developed to help you visualise and view your product data in a 3D format, directly inside Sovelia PLM.

Sovelia CAD Add-in 22.0 What's New

10 November 2021

This version of the CAD Add-in introduces support for Autodesk 2022 versions or Inventor, AutoCAD and Vault client. This now means customers can plan their implementations of the 2022 versions of products.