Sovelia CAD Add-in 22.0 What's New


Thinking of upgrading? Want to see when a feature was introduced? Below outlines all the major inclusions into the 22.0 version of the CAD Add-in.

Support for Autodesk 2022 release

Inventor AutoCAD 2022

This version of the CAD Add-in introduces support for Autodesk 2022 versions or Inventor, AutoCAD and Vault client. This now means customers can plan their implementations of the 2022 versions of products. 

Sovelia CAD Add-in also includes some workflows to support the Model states feature introduced in 2022 release of the Autodesk products. I further help article will be available specifically around the Model State examples. 

Inventor 2022


Update revision description command

In previous releases the only time you could enter a revision description note was when you were creating the revision.

Revision dialogue 21.5

This was a problem as you may not always know exactly what you wanted to add as notes before the next revision was created. Once you had pressed Revise there was not a good workflow to get back to a revision description box.

Update Rev. Desc.

In the latest version of the CAD Add-in we have improved the revision description workflow. Now there is the inclusion of a dedicated Update Rev. Desc. button on the Sovelia toolbar. This allows, at any point in the product edit, the designer to communicate the changes of the product by easily adding additional revision description information.

Revision description box 


.ipn icon

To make it easier to identify when an .ipn file is present in the property grid we have introduced a new icon. the grey icon based on a drawing icon with the letters ipn inside will make identifying when an ipn is present as a reference in a drawing much simpler to see.

ipn icon enhancement


Vault* = Release, Sovelia = Create item

In this release of the CAD Add-in we have added a requested workflow to aid the creation if items even where the file is in a Released state in Vault*. The previous workflow of the following steps is time consuming and requires a lot of changes. The file would need to change state, (not possible by all users) and also in most cases a state change will bumping up the revision to get the file to a work in progress state when the file could be itemised in Sovelia and information written to the file. The file in Vault could then have the state changed back to Released. The new workflow allows for an item to be created from the files Part Number and Revision information meaning no information needs to be written to the file which would make the file out of date in Vault.

* Vault version is Professional or Workgroup, Vault basic does not support states

item from Released in Vault

Creating Sovelia reference from part number and revision works with released files (Vault Pro and Workgroup)


Harmonise Save As function

To streamline the creation of new items from existing items the Clone command will be the only method moving forward of creating copies of existing items. Confusion was possible with the SaveAs command as it has in previous version shown the property card. This behaviour has been discontinued allowing a streamlined process for new item creation.



  • Remove Sovelia synchronization removes red Sovelia status icon from the grid

  • Creating reference with manual object id pick revision number from file

  • Improved grid error handling in Inventor drawing content

  • AutoCAD: If internet connection was lost during revise error message was popping up

  • Material relation not visible in the property card if file was checked in

  • Property card more stabile when switching between models in Inventor

  • Size of the columns in multi edit window can be changed

  • Properties can be copied from property card more easily

  • Null / no value in integer type field supported

  • Multi publish from grid doesn't anymore publish same files several time

Included: Sovelia Sync 5.0.3

Supported Sovelia Server: 20.0 and above

Sovelia PLM release 22.0

11 April 2022

The 3D functionality in Sovelia PLM includes fast and easy workflows that are developed to help you visualise and view your product data in a 3D format, directly inside Sovelia PLM.