Sovelia CAD Add-in 21.5 What's New

Thinking of upgrading? Want to see when a feature was introduced? Below outlines all the major inclusions into the 21.5 version of the CAD Add-in.

CAD Add-in 21.5.0


Enhanced Revision Resolver

The revision resolver has been enhanced to support multiple different vault configurations

  • Vault commercial with lifecycles and revision map
  • Vault commercial without Vault revision management
  • Vault basic without lifecycle and revision management

The video below shows possibly the most complete revision the system has to cope with.

The drawing and model are changed to a "Released" state in Vault. This means they are both locked for edit in Vault and checked into Vault.

Starting the revision resolver on the model (Always start from the model or assembly, never the drawing)

  • The revision resolver will warn that actions are needed on the Vault documents. 
  • The current states are displayed
  • The current revisions are displayed
  • The new model revision is proposed (and is editable)
  • The linked drawing is also included in the revise (optional)
    • The new drawing revision is proposed (and is editable)
  • The revision description can be added

Once Revise is selected the revision resolver will.

  • Change state of model & drawing in Vault, to an editable state.
  • Check out the model & drawing*
  • Make the revision to the files
  • report the successfully completed task

*The model & drawing are left in the checked out state ready to make the modification in Inventor. Checking them in automatically after the edits can be achieved with further Sovelia CAD Add-in configuration.

  • Improvements on Revise revision resolver UI/UX

Revision description

The revision description field in the revise box has been changed to a text area type this means there is now support for long and multiline value.

Send BOM dialogue

The layout and the feedback of the confirmation page of what BOM information will be sent to Sovelia from Inventor has been improved to make it more understandable by the user

New send BOM dialogue box


  • Author information was not updated to file from Sovelia when mapped
  • Cloning part with drawing required refresh to be able to open the drawing
  • State push tried to push even if file already was in "Released" state
  • Model to drawing sync was falsely stopped if user did not have rights to SOVELIA
  • Closing dialogs was hard due to inaccurate hit area in top right corner (X button)
  • Cancel Vault state change during revise did not work correctly
  • Vault driven model reference name was not kept when creating reference in assembly context
  • Min height and width set to clone component dialog
  • Min height and width set to SOVELIA search window dialog
  • Wrong warning message was presented when there was a revision mismatch
  • Log level could not be set to trace and no logs were generated
  • AutoCAD crashed on SOVELIA property card in save when "initial directory" value was missing from registry

Sovelia Sync 5.0.1


  • Change on backwards compatibility on new polling for SOVELIA Sync.
    • SOVELIA Sync kept unwanted license reserved

Sovelia PLM release 22.0

11 April 2022

The 3D functionality in Sovelia PLM includes fast and easy workflows that are developed to help you visualise and view your product data in a 3D format, directly inside Sovelia PLM.