Sovelia CAD Add-in 21.2 What's New

Thinking of upgrading? Want to see when a feature was introduced? Below outlines all the major inclusions into the 21.2 version of the CAD Add-in.

What's new / enhancements

Non-modal property card

The Property Card now stays active when selecting different models in Inventor and selecting different parts in an assembly. When in the drawing context, clicking grid will not update the Property Card, instead the browser tree in inventor must be selected.

  • Short cut key added use [CTRL] + Q opens and closes the property card.

Model to drawing sync button available from property card

Now built into the property card as a button. Whilst creating a Sovelia reference it is possible to copy across properties defined in the configuration from the Model to the Drawing. This saves manually retyping information and reducing errors in the process.   


Using the SaveAs command in Inventor  for referenced models now copies a related drawing as well. The Drawing and model get the next item number in the sequence.


Better Publishing of Drawings

Publishing drawing now sends relations for existing references, even though there exists broken references or non-referenced models on the drawings. (Useful for when IAM and IPN is on the same drawing)

Dynamic iLogic loading is now context sensitive

For ilogic we now get the addition of context sensitive scripts. "Context" can be any combination if ipt, iam and idw (idw shows up for Inventor DWG too). The path can be UNC or mapped drive. Any file in those folders gets added. Don't leave old files behind. File extension does not matter. iLogic routines run best as .vbs scripts


Config Changes in Profile-Inventor.xml

<ILogic ReadAutomatically="true">

<ScriptsLocation Context="ipt" Path="\\server\scripts\models"/>

<ScriptsLocation Context="iam" Path="\\server\scripts\models"/>

<ScriptsLocation Context="idw" Path="C:\Inventor\scripts\drawings"/>


A further example of Parts and Assemblies sharing the same rules:

<ScriptsLocation Context="ipt;iam" Path="P:\Common\scripts\models"/>


Targeted detail debug Log files

In the About section on the Sovelia ribbon there is a new option to set the log-level in the dialog box. (Inventor needs to be started in an elevated "Run as Administrator" mode.)

The choice is, more logging (Trace - High) taking up more space as a file but also documenting more the actions of Inventor or (Fatal - Low) logging only the most important actions taking up less space on the disk.

They run in descending order on the image below. High logging to Low logging. Default is Warn in the middle.


Configuration update due to Sovelia Server 20.1 change

The Custom_English and Custom_Finnish values from the server have been changed to just ENGLISH and FINNISH for Sovelia Server 20.1 and onwards. See the examples below from the Update properties section of the Inventor-Profile.xm. These show  where the changes have been implemented for a 20.1 server.

20.1 Sovelia Server

Pre 20.1 Sovelia Server


More descriptive messages

when config files are not found More descriptive messages are given to the user.

Other Fixes or Enhancements

  • Right click context menu not updating correctly when going directly between rows without selecting the new row first.
  • Made it so drawings are excluded from "edit" dialog from grid.
  • Property Card + Esc button would sometimes throw error.
  • Fixed issue when having two views of same model but in different LoD(not recommended) or "View" showed up as two rows on the grid.
  • Sovelia ribbon would disappear when starting Inventor from Vault.
  • Configuring ILogic rules, XML elements had to be in specific order.
  • Grid tree collapsed when drawing had an assembly with broken reference.
  • Fixed issue when selecting the same subassembly (but in different top assemblies) twice from grid and publishing.
  • Grid refresh would sometimes not react until second press.
  • Added the ability to get all revisions (yellow icon in grid for when revision does not exist in Sovelia yet).
  • Removed the Connect/disconnect button and replaced it with a "Manage Connection" button that opens Sovelia Sync.
  • Grid rows sometimes did not update correctly.
  • Disabled context menus are now disabled instead of hidden.
  • Pressing save button before document was opened threw error.
  • Disconnecting from network threw NullReferenceException.


Sovelia PLM release 22.0

11 April 2022

The 3D functionality in Sovelia PLM includes fast and easy workflows that are developed to help you visualise and view your product data in a 3D format, directly inside Sovelia PLM.