Sovelia Plant 2024.1 now released

The Sovelia Plant (former Naviate Plant 3D) version 2024 is now released. This version is the first one that comes under the Symetri Technology brand Sovelia.

New name: Sovelia Plant 

The latest release of the product brings also a new name, Naviate Plant 3D is now Sovelia Plant. This is to align all our Own Technology products towards the Product design & lifecycle target audence under the same product brand.

Snap point at SSG supports

SSG slide and guide supports now have an additional snap point at the bottom of the shoe.


Added flanges to metric PN10 SSG specs

MAS10A, MAS10B, MSS10A and MSS10B now has PN10 flanges for sizes DN 200 and DN250. This is not according to the SSG standard. These flanges will be included in an upcoming release of the SSG-standard. Specs according to SSG without these flanges can be found in the folder
C:\AutoCAD Plant 3D CQ\Naviate Specs 2020\According to SSG Without flanges PN10 200-250

Updated Axelerator 4.0

Components can now be sorted by selected column. You can now replace a valve without loosing the valve tag.

First start of Axelerator 4.0

First time you run Axelerator you will be asked to update the Axelerator Content.

After update don't forget to restart Plant 3D.


Sovelia PLM 24.0 release news

15 April 2024

Read the latest news and all major inclusions into the 24.0 release of Sovelia PLM, for example new functionalities in the Search and self administration tools.

Sovelia Vault 2024.1 release news

07 January 2024

Sovelia Vault 2024.1 introduces more model state options for both BOM and secondary documents. This release also includes more options for item export and some requested improvements and fixes.