Sovelia Inventor 2024.1.440 Release News

We are happy to announce the release of Sovelia Inventor 2024.1, which includes new features requested by customers, improvements to user experience and some essential fixes. This release reflects our commitment to meeting customer requirements and delivering a robust solution for your design needs. The new Sovelia Inventor features are added for the Inventor 2024, 2023 and 2022 versions (2024.1.440, 2023.1.439 and 2022.1.438). 

Download the new version on Sovelia Downloads.

What's new in Sovelia Inventor 24.1.440:

1. Property Editor can now set secondary properties.

Use it as a translator or for importing static data.
This example shows a translation from English to Norwegian and Swedish, just by selecting the English name from a list.

Property editor secondary properties Sovelia Inventor

2. Automated 3D Annotations and Centerlines in Drawings

Now you can seamlessly add 3D annotations and centerlines while creating drawings in Make Drawing and Make Part Drawings.

Automated 3D annotations and center lines Sovelia Inventor


3. Sovelia Lookup Addin

Sovelia Lookup addin for database or text file data lookup is now included as a standard part of the installation.

The add-in is unloaded by default and can be loaded based on user requirements.

First load the addin:

Lookup Sovelia Inventor


Then you can easily access the lookup through the ribbon:

Sovelia Inventor Lookup ribbon

4. Refresh Custom Content Center Components

You can now use a command to refresh custom content center components.
Keep your custom content center components up-to-date by easily refreshing them from the database.
Ensure that files are read/write, as Sovelia Inventor needs to make edits.

Refresh custom content center component Sovelia Inventor

Other Fixes and Changes

For a comprehensive list of changes and fixes, please visit the "About Sovelia" section in the Sovelia Help dropdown within the application.

Sovelia Inventor Help list of fixes

Upgrade to Sovelia Inventor 24.1.440 today to experience these additions and improvements.

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