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Webinar on-demand: Streamlined product lifecycle management with Sovelia Core

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Welcome to our product lifecycle management webinar! In this session, we will dive into core aspects of Product Lifecycle Management and how Sovelia Core can transform your processes. We will explore why you need a PLM system and what are its benefits. You will also see some practical insights on how to manage your Bill of Materials (BOM).

Webinar on-demand: Streamlined product lifecycle management with Sovelia Core


Why PLM matters: Understand what PLM is and how it addresses common challenges in the manufacturing industry.

Sovelia Core: Adding value at every step.

  • Learn how Sovelia Core empowers you to work smarter throughout the product lifecycle
  • Discover how Sovelia enhances collaboration, ensures data accuracy and streamlines your operations.
  • Items and BOMs: The heart of efficient product development
  • Seamless flow of design data
  • Change requests and orders made easy
  • Sovelia Core: Use out of the box or configure based on your needs

About Symetri: Your trusted partner




Tim Ray

Tim Ray, Head of Product, Sovelia

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02:40 Data as the most important asset & challenges around it
18:48 Bill of Materials
27:00 Change management
34:40 About Symetri
36:30 Q&A

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Sovelia Core is the ideal solution for streamlined engineering and product lifecycle management. With Sovelia, you can efficiently collaborate by sharing product data across your organization. You’ll always have accurate product information at your fingertips. 

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08 January 2021

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