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Supplier Collaboration with Sovelia PLM extranet

The role of the Sovelia PLM Extranet is two fold; to collaborate both with members of your organisation and the members of your supply chain outside of the company firewall.

To provides a safe and robust way to collaborate and distribute information with external parties. Sovelia PLM also enables an easy way to distribute all relevant product information to, for instance manufacturing suppliers where the shared information can be the top item of outsourced assembly or a single item. The process can be further automated by linking with Purchase Order process in ERP. 

This template is the most popular addition to Sovelia PLM after the core function of Items and BOMs.


Access to employees working outside the organisation network

Working remotely, site installation, working from home are all reason why you'd want to retrieve, view or update information from your organisation. Using standard HTTPS protocol employees working remotely get the same view of information as office based colleague to perform tasks using the standard web client.

Access to suppliers to view the data inside the Sovelia PLM environment

No need to send out drawings, no need to send out updates or changes, suppliers have access to the latest information. Administration controls what access users have; one file, one file type, one sub-assembly, one assembly, one project or multiples of the above. In an extreme case one customer has setup a bidding process where suppliers quote for work in the system and the process of selection and assignment is managed inside Sovelia PLM. Notifications in the form of emails can also be sent out on changes or additions to file access. The Engineering Change Request (ECR) process can also be extended allowing suppliers to participate in the product improvement and feedback process.


Access is controlled via account information built into Sovelia PLM meaning you can grant access and privileges to edit, amend, or even add documents to the wider external supplier organisations and even individual users. All information is inherited within the assembly structure allowing easy administration. Many of our customers have found it easier to synchronise their ERP and PLM Supplier Number, Name and Users, all within the extranet for maximum efficiency.


Has your organisation got answers to these questions?

  • How do you guarantee suppliers are looking at the most up to date information?
  • How do you get suppliers to give feedback on the information you are supplying them?
  • How does your site engineers get access to the most up to date information?
  • How is the global pandemic affected your employees access to company data?

Example of areas where Sovelia PLM helps your collaboration with suppliers:

  • Proving single source of truth
  • Access to the right information at the right time for suppliers
  • Access globally anytime 24/7
  • Intuitive HTML user interface for all users
  • Personalised view of the information
  • Role-based access
  • Approval process
  • Secondary file format generation



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