Sovelia PLM

Enhance information quality and integrate product information with value streams to make it easily usable.



Reduce unnecessary costs and delays

...and enable faster time to market. 

Avoid errors

Avoid errors

...caused by incorrect product information.

Seamless collaboration

Seamless collaboration

...between teams and business systems

Efficiency throughout your business processes

Efficiency throughout your business processes

...and integrations as needed: ERP, CRM, Offer generation, Outlook.

Software security

...Sovelia PLM is continuously monitored and tested to ensure high software security so our customers can rely on a safe usage.

Sovelia provides a LEAN approach to PLM

Sovelia PLM helps companies attain sustainable and lean business processes throughout the product lifecycle, from concept phase to disposal and recycling of the product. Sovelia PLM is easy to configure and provides full capabilities to manage and access product data at different steps of the product lifecycle. Our PLM solution is a combination of pre-configured tools and processes that have been proven in the industry.

Sovelia PLM has a built-in administration interface with the necessary capabilities to adjust configurations as required and set system parameters without any programming skills. The industry-standard look and feel of the user interface make it easy to use, allowing fast adaptation and operation performance.

Sovelia PLM Templates

Sovelia PLM is based on templates that are the result of close to 30 years’ experience of PDM and PLM implementations in different companies and industries. Templates support industry best practices, and same time have the flexibility to adapt to the specific needs of your company.

Item and BOM Management

Includes items, structures, documents and other product-related information. Template functionalities can be integrated with multiple different CAD systems on the market. 

Engineering Change Management (ECM)

Engineering Change Management (ECM)

Offers the benefits of electronic change management, ensuring that all necessary parties work with the correct product data.

Engineering Change Request (ECR)

Engineering Change Request (ECR)

Provides an easy and controlled way to document any request for change into product definition. 

Cad Add-In's

Getting your CAD models and all product information to Sovelia PLM goes smoothly through our Cad Add-in's for Inventor, Solidworks and Creo, depending on the design software your company is using.


The Sovelia Integration template enables you to send and receive product information to ERP systems on-premise or in cloud. Sovelia PLM can be integrated to most ERP systems, for example Monitor, M3, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Dynamics AX, Dynamics NAV, Infor, SAP, BaaN, and many more. In addition you can publish document into another document repository and content management applications (eg.SharePoint), receive data from other business systems and have real-time integration performance dashboard on selected cloud platforms.
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Installed Base Management

Installed Base Management

Manage individual product structures and documentation for devices that are going to or have been delivered. The structure of the delivered device can be categorised according to the service requirements, including possible spare parts or maintenance services.
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Engineering Change Order (ECO)

Configure to support the specific task objects making it possible to share the work between the people or teams in a controlled way. The ECO process can control item statuses on ERP systems.

Sales Configurator

Sales Configurator

Provides a way to gain a competitive edge by reducing lead times, automating quote-to-production processes, improving efficiency, reducing the risk of human error and increasing customer satisfaction.
Find out more about Sovelia Configurator here.

Production view

Production view

Enables the creation of production structures according to the different phases of production. Production structures can be sent instead of, or in addition to, the traditional E-BOM transfer to ERP.  This also helps production planning to create and maintain PBOM in PLM and any change in the EBOM structure can easily be updated in production on the ERP system.

Project Data Management

Project Data Management

Make project data management more efficient and the progress of the project easier to follow. Template covers project structures, electronic review and approval processes. Project Template supports to divide the project into phases, tasks, gates (milestones) elements. Project progress can be followed through these checkpoints based on the readiness of the project documentation. 

Extranet / Supplier Collaboration

Extranet / Supplier Collaboration

Provides a safe and robust way to collaborate and distribute information with external parties. Also enables an easy way to distribute all relevant product information to for instance manufacturing suppliers where the shared information can be the top item of outsourced assembly or a single item. The process can be further automated by linking with Purchase Order process in ERP.

Sovelia Monitoring

Sovelia Monitoring

Sovelia Monitor is an Application Performance Management (APM) system that observes the performance and efficiency of Sovelia PLM. It collects performance related data from Sovelia server and sends it towards to Application Insights APM service (part of Microsoft Azure cloud computing services). Application Insights analyses and visualises the data, giving real time information about changes in performance and its possible exceptions. 
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CAD Add-in benefits

For most customers the CAD add-in does the bulk of the work in adding items and mechanical BOMs to Sovelia PLM. There are other methods including the HTML client, Bulk imports, integrations to ERP or other PDM/PLM systems.

The tools that are used on a daily basis in the CAD add-in need to be fast, simple yet powerful. They should sit inside the native CAD package with intuitive workflows to aid designers to achieve results with the least amount of effort. As an Autodesk reseller you would expect Symetri to deliver World class integrations to Inventor or AutoCAD and we do. For company mergers and  acquisitions other CAD systems need to be supported as part of a group’s CAD ecosystem and we additionally support SolidWorks & Creo resulting from customer requests. Find out below what makes each of our CAD Add-ins great to work with and essential to add to your Item creation process.  

The SolidWorks CAD Add-in connects your SolidWorks CAD tool with Sovelia PLM.

SW CAD Add-in property card

The Inventor and AutoCAD CAD Add-in connects your Autodesk CAD tool with Sovelia PLM. 

Inventor CAD Add-in property card


The Creo CAD Add-in connects your Creo CAD tool with Sovelia PLM.

Creo CAD Add-in export BOM

CAD Add-in feature comparison

CAD Add-in Features list

3D viewer workflow with Inventor CAD Add-in 

Sovelia PLM 3D viewer Tools

Introduction to Sovelia PLM

Short intorduction business benefits of Sovelia PLM

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