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Sales order configuration

Sales configuration offers the logic and questions to generate a specific Bill Of Materials or collection of parts. There is no other way of generating this solution. 

Linked to the extranet functionality (see other blog post) many of our customers allow their customers to configure products inside Sovelia.

Want to start a challenging conversation with your customers?

  • Would it be nice if you could configure options for the BOMs?
  • Would you like to add price into your product?
  • How do you include spare parts or non-designed items to the BOM?
  • At the end of the process would you like a quote sent out to the customer?

Example of areas where Sovelia PLM configurator template helps you:

  • Configurable BOMs
  • Capturing the current states of your product
  • Access for customers to configure their own products
  • Access for your sales team to configure the right products
  • Putting people at the heart of the decision process

More areas and benefits on the Configurator product web site.[link]

I don’t know what I don’t know

04 March 2022

Before we at Symetri can begin to offer a solution, it is our responsibility to always collaborate and try to find the best option for a specific company and their business goals, and always communicate what challenges a solution we recommend will solve.

Creating custom Bill of Materials - 3 ways to get the same result

31 January 2022

Sovelia Product Manager Tim Ray writes about different ways Manufacturing companies can produce custom Bill of Materials (BOMs) for the designs they create. This blog is based on Tim's discussion with a customer and how the company produces custom Bill of Materials (BOMs) for the designs they create.