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Production Process planning

The way your product gets designed isn't necessarily the way to assemble the product. The "as designed" Engineering Bill of Materials (BOM) needs to be reordered so that the product can be effectively assembled. Sovelia PLM includes tools to reorder the Engineering BOM to a view that better suits production.

Production Process planning from Sovelia PLM perspective is the action of mapping between the two environments. Component Assignment is sometimes another way of describing this and is also sometimes a task that the ERP system may perform. ERP tools tend to be more complexed to use and don't automatically update if the engineering BOM changes. There can be many different phases in the production process that need to be mapped to the Engineering BOM. A question to ask: Is this item in the Engineering BOM part of the Production process and is it relevant?


Then taking this process one step further we can look at the Production View inside Sovelia PLM and seamlessly export the information to your ERP system.

Want to start a challenging conversation within your Organisation?

  • Do production currently use your CAD data?
  • Are production documenting their processes?
  • Do production want to reorder the "as designed" information?
  • Do you want to track production information automatically in ERP?

Examples of how Sovelia PLM Production Process planning helps you

  • Capture production process order
  • Export production process information automatically to ERP
  • Change the Engineering BOM and the production view allowing ERP information to update automatically.
  • Specific tools for the production process planning team.

Three main goals of integrated PLM

29 November 2021

Whilst the role of PLM is about information, how it is produced and handled, disseminated and shared, its goals have an impact on the whole business of any company engaged in its practices. What is most important when considering and looking at a PLM system?

How can you automate Autodesk Vault without being a coder?

12 October 2021

Autodesk Vault can be customised to automatically trigger and take care of some mundane tasks for you. The only problem is, you have to be a coder to put these in place and, once in place, further code change may be needed when your processes need to change. Sovelia Vault offers a configurable add in to Autodesk Vault that any competent administrator can adjust and use.