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Installed base management (What did we deliver)

Are all your products the same?

The answer is no.

Although the Bill of Materials can be identical for every product, every product is different. Difference starts at the materials you may use, the serial numbers of parts used and test reports of each product. In fact, every product from your production line is unique.

Installed base is the Sovelia PLM template that takes a standard Bill of materials and makes it unique for every product that is delivered. You can categorize according to the service requirements, including possible spare parts or maintenance services.


Does your company need to do one of the following?

  • Do you have to track individual serial numbers or product information?
  • Are your products made from bought in items that you need to track?
  • Do your delivered products have an afterlife? Are you in charge of maintaining them?


Example of areas where Sovelia PLM Installed base management helps you

  • Assign individual information to your products
  • Create unique Bill of Materials for each delivered product
  • Add and track a service element to your products
  • Generate unique spare part lists


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