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How to understand and get more out of your PLM System?

Could the answer lie in license usage, performance, availability and preventative maintenance monitoring?

Someone once said "Knowledge is power" -  Understanding more about PLM servers, license usage, performance and availability in the long term gives gains to companies using the solution.

By monitoring and recording Sovelia PLM company can build up a set of data that can be used for many different purposes, but primarily to budget effectively and improve performance.

The newest template in Sovelia PLM, Sovelia Monitor, has been created with two tasks in mind

  1. One, understanding the license usage
  2. Two, performance and availability of the server

By displaying key metrics in an easy to understand, simple to use dashboard approach you can monitor all aspects of the Sovelia PLM environment.

Sovelia Monitor

License usage - too few or too many?

Trends can be spotted and license needs assessed, and budgeted for, in a more understandable way avoiding any shortfalls in licensing, ie. delayed work and frustrated end users. It also works the other way, unused licenses could mean a reduction in the license count saving costs. Looking at key metrics around disk space on the server monitoring side and processor load, you could avoid bottlenecks that other wise would not get spotted until its too late.

Sovelia Monitor 

Sovelia Monitor is an Application Performance Management (APM) system that observes the performance and efficiency of Sovelia PLM. It collects performance related data from Sovelia server and sends it to an Application Insights APM service (part of Microsoft Azure cloud computing services). Application Insights analyses and visualises the data, giving real time information about changes in performance and its possible exceptions. 

Download Sovelia Monitor .PDF


Video: Sovelia PLM Monitor template - functionality and key benefits


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