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Starting your PLM journey? Here's something to think about.

Collaboration is core and at the heart of everything that Sovelia PLM stands for. It enables sharing of design, product information, and knowledge transfer, involving all elements of the business and wider partners into the design process. Multi departments, multisite, it doesn’t matter with Sovelia PLM solution.

It’s no secret that the essential role of product lifecycle management (PLM) is to inform or put the right information into the right hands at the right time. Any professional involved in a product’s development or manufacture, any organisation that sells a product or has customers who uses it, or procurement who specify and purchases it, they all need information to assist and drive their involvement with the product and ultimately a products success.

What is sometimes less well understood, is how to capture the information and present it in a format everybody can work with, contribute to where appropriate, and share. If a company has very little or intermittent collaboration today, by adding a PLM software solution it enables more people to share more information, in a meaningful way.


Has your organisation got answers to these questions and secure, automated processes to support them?

  • How is the Engineering or Design department communicating with the rest of the organisation?

  • Who do Engineers or Designers need information from and who do they need to send information to?

  • Which other departments do they interact with? How is that information captured?


Image: Sovelia PLM supporting collaboration and securing correct product information across the business. 

Example of areas where Sovelia PLM helps to be more collaborative:

  • Access to the right information at the right time
  • Access globally anytime
  • Intuitive HTML user interface for all users
  • Personalised view of the information
  • Role-based access
  • Approval processes
  • Supporting document generated automatically


Sovelia PLM

Helps your company to grow 
...and grows with your company. 


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