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Bill of Materials (BOM) management

Complete visibility of the product definition, everything you need to sell, manufacture and deliver your product, then service and support should be part of your Bill of Materials strategy.

Bill of Materials (BOM) management

Items & BOMs are the common factor for all of our customers. Items are the business language for an engineering company and should flow through all of your organization's business systems.

Capturing the design information, drawings, product documentation - Sovelia Core PLM solution excels in this area. The ability to edit, change, manipulate, order and reorder the BOM is at the heart of the solution we offer our customers.

Complete visibility of the product definition, everything that is needed to sell, manufacture and deliver the product, then service and support should be part of our Bill of Materials strategy.


Has your organisation got answers to these questions?

  • Are you capturing a complete definition of your product, are you sure?
  • What tools do you use to gather together product information?
  • How do you edit or manipulate the Bill of Materials information?


Examples of how Sovelia Core Bill of Materials (BOM) management can help you

  • Capture the product definition in one single location
  • Import CAD data from multiple sources to build up the product definition
  • Simple tools to edit, change, manipulate, order and reorder the product definition
  • Based upon industry standard workflows


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