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Set and control watermarking in Vault based on the current state of the file

Watermarking can signify whether the document is a preliminary version, not ready for production or just a document for pre-review of a design. A watermark stamp is hard to miss and will most likely eliminate the risk that production is done from non-released documents. 

Using native Vault functionality it is possible to add watermarking to DWF files, but only when printing from Vault. However many of our clients said that they required the same feature based on document level control. With the latest 2022.2 release and 2023 release of Sovelia Vault we have now built in watermarking for 2D PDFs, dwfs and dwfx files. 

After reviewing the needs our customers have it was evident that there were 2 main scenarios that customers would use watermarking:

  • When generating a PDF to a network / other business system
  • When viewing data in vault via the mobile and thin clients.


In the first scenario a PDF may be generated out of vault for use for shop floor, customer or supplier checks.  These PDFs are not fully checked, approved and released at this point and therefore should not be used for manufacturing.  Customers have requested watermarking to make it clear the state of this information. 

In the second scenario users may be viewing and downloading data directly from these clients, our customers felt that they wanted to ensure that downloaded PDFs that were not released were clearly watermarked to give an element of control. In both cases watermarking was introduced to allow greater visibility of the current state of data to users when using these files outside of the Vault system.


Set and control watermarking based on the current state of the file

Sovelia Vault gives administrators the ability to set watermarking based on the current state of the file with control over the text, orientation, location and colour of the watermark.  Text can be set based on built up expressions of static text and document properties allowing administrators the ability to control displayed information.  In addition Sovelia Vault allows control to enable watermarking on “all states”, a “named state” or “all states except” conditions, allowing all states to generate watermarking except for a released state as required at many companies.


This new feature was found to be critical to the successful expansion of the use of Vault to staff outside of the design team within companies that tested this functionality. Driving clearer information to those users and the wider business.


Video: How to Watermark your designs with help of Sovelia Vault?


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