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How is Sovelia Vault different from Autodesk Vault?

What is the difference between Autodesk Vault and Sovelia Vault? Read this blogpost to find out how Sovelia Vault complements Autodesk Vault and adds automation, customization and flexibility.

How is Sovelia Vault different from Autodesk Vault?

Autodesk Vault, a Product Data Management tool, excels in managing, tracking, and organizing design and engineering data throughout its lifecycle states. Its features include document management, version control, and collaboration.

In Vault 2024 Professional, new capabilities for Peer Review have been introduced. This collaborative quality control measure involves colleagues or team members reviewing and providing feedback on design files or documents within the Vault before moving forward in the workflow or being released for production.

Sovelia Vault, designed as an automation platform for Autodesk Vault, goes beyond by offering additional features that enhance its capabilities. These enhancements provide greater flexibility, control, and customization options, including a true "4-eye check" for peer reviews, ensuring a document undergoes review by at least two individuals before advancing.

Here's a breakdown of the functionality differences between Autodesk Vault and Sovelia Vault:

Functionality Autodesk Vault Sovelia Vault
When applied On lifecycle transition prior to any other actions Configurable when in order of actions transaction check should be applied
Where applied Client only Client or job processor
Rules for files applied to Defined per transition state individually Defined in action which can be applied to multiple different transition states in action sets
Rule change Must be applied to every transaction where the rule is applied Single change in action
Properties compared User attempting state change with Version Created By User ANY property with current user, computed values, any vault properties or fixed text


These differences highlight the flexibility Sovelia Vault offers. While Autodesk Vault focuses on individual transition states, Sovelia Vault allows rules to be applied to multiple states in action sets with a single change. Sovelia Vault also provides greater flexibility in comparing properties, enabling comparisons with various values and properties beyond just the version created by the user.

Standard Vault peer review has limitations, influenced by actions performed by the job processor that may update the file version. Achieving a true "4-eye check" in a multi-review process is not feasible with the standard Vault peer review functionality.

In summary, Sovelia Vault builds on the core features of Autodesk Vault, offering advanced automation, customization, and flexibility for property compliance and peer review. For extensive customization, automation, and additional capabilities, choosing Sovelia Vault alongside Autodesk Vault can bring significant benefits.

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