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Design data challenges in Vault: From manual workflows to automation

If you are an Autodesk Vault user in the mechanical engineering and manufacturing industry, you are likely familiar with the challenges of managing design data. While Vault provides a solid foundation for storing and organizing design data, it falls short in some critical areas. You might have noticed this if you ever wanted to automate workflows or configure company-specific rules and processes in Vault. Let’s dive into these challenges and possible solutions. 

Design data challenges in Vault: From manual workflows to automation

Limited possibilities to automate

Vault is good at what it does but lacks advanced automation capabilities. It is difficult to automate workflows such as the process of approving files. In practice, this means that the design data management takes a lot of time and includes a lot of manual work which leaves room for manual error and inconsistent data.
Lack of automation means a lot of manual work. And with so much manual work, mistakes are inevitable. There is even the risk of sending incorrect data to production or purchasing. Users might get frustrated due to manual workflows.

Customization means programming?

Another thing is that Vault isn’t easily customizable to meet specific company or project needs, at least not without programming skills. We all have our own, company-specific needs or requests from the customer side, but Vault users often find themselves restricted by the out-of-the-box features. As a consequence, it might be difficult to meet the unique project requirements without the help of a programmer.

Sovelia Vault: Streamlined design data management with easy automation and customization

The solution to these problems is Sovelia Vault, an add-on to Autodesk Vault. Sovelia Vault is a game-changer for Autodesk Vault users and here's why:

With Sovelia Vault, you can easily automate workflows and define company-specific rules and processes without programming skills. Automated workflows save time and ensure that your product data is always up-to-date. You can automate for example property management, data export, secondary file format generation or job queue management. Just define the trigger (e.g. state change of a file) that starts the automated action (such as creating a PDF or updating property data).

By minimizing manual input, you can guarantee that the data is correct and uniform, no matter who does the job. Less manual work means fewer manual errors, more efficient operations and less training time for the users.

Customization options allow you to meet the specific requirements of your company or customer, again without programming skills, just by configuring the settings. Automation and customization features mean the Sovelia Vault is scalable and grows with your business to meet your evolving needs.

Sharing design data with other business-critical systems

One way to increase efficiency in operations is to share product data with other business-critical systems, like the ERP or PLM. When product and design data, such as drawings, specifications and Bill of Materials (BOMs) are shared with the ERP, the risk of using incorrect or outdated data decreases, leading to better product quality and fewer project delays. You will have more efficient product development processes, better inventory management, streamlined operations and better communication.

Sending and receiving data between Vault and other systems involves manual typing and data entry. This manual process is prone to mistakes, resulting in inconsistent data and wasted time. Sovelia Vault simplifies the sharing of product data with ERP systems by offering straightforward, "out of the box" functionality. This means that setting up the connection doesn't require any programming skills. Instead, users can configure Sovelia Vault according to their specific requirements.

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Ready to boost efficiency? Try Sovelia Vault for free!

Don’t settle for manual workflows and lost time. Try out Sovelia Vault today and take your design data management to the next level! Download our free 30-day trial today. All you need to do is to fill out a form and you will receive an email with download links and instructions to get started.

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