Sovelia Vault 2023 released

We are proud to announce the Sovelia Vault 2023 release is now available. This ensures your Sovelia Vault compatibility with the latest Autodesk Vault making some of the tasks in your Vault automated and easier to do. 

Sovelia® Vault is a mature product and the focus in product development is to improve the functionality of the tool based on users and customers ideas.

The major new change in this release is licensing of Sovelia Vault and the management of your licenses. Users and company's license administrators can now manage and assign licenses directly from Symetri's license portal.

In addition this release includes new functionality like Watermarking of your PDF and DWF files, new menu in Sovelia Vault and Model state support for secondary file formats. 


License Management through Symetri license portal (New!)

Our customers have requested the possibility to manage downloads and control their licenses. Sovelia Vault now has this functionality and customers can manage their Sovelia Vault licenses directly in the license portal themselves. License portal uses Symetri Single Sign On (SSO) access.


How to get started with Symetri license portal, manage and assign licenses to users?


Please Note!
Autodesk Vault client causing inconsistent scaling for fonts and dialog boxes when login to Symetri license portal

Autodesk Vault client can cause inconsistent scaling for fonts and dialog boxes. This behaviour can impact the Symetri License login from the vault client on some screen resolutions. We recommend to set up the client to disable fullscreen optimizations. This will also solve any scaling issyes with text in the vault client itself.

More information about this issue from Autodesk here and here.

  1. Right mouse click the shortcut on your desktop, or in
    "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Autodesk Data Management\Autodesk Vault Professional 2023 - English.lnk", and select properties.

  2. Then check for “Disable fullscreen optimizations”

Download disable fullscreen Sovelia Vault.png


Watermarking for PDF and DWF from Inventor Drawing (New!)

Watermarks are now a standard function in Sovelia® Vault for Inventor drawings to PDF and DWF.

Watermarking can signify whether the document is a preliminary version, not ready foproduction or just a document for pre-review of a design. A watermark stamp is hard to miss and will most likely eliminate the risk that production is done from non-released documents. 

Video: How to Watermark your designs with help of Sovelia Vault


Set PDF Watermark by Lifecycle

 Watermarking is configured in the PDF and DWF settings inside Sovelia® Vault Configurator.

  • Add Watermark; True or False
  • Select Lifecycle; All or except
  • Watermark Expression; Can be typed manually or from Vault property
  • Watermark position; Diagonal, Top, Bottom
  • Watermark color; Select color


Model state support for secondary formats (New!)

We can now select model state for Autodesk Inventor assemblies and parts in the configuration. Its valid for all export formats.


How to select model states?

  • Select model state
    • Only master model state
    • Spesific Modell state

  • If you're using a specific model state, type the name of the model state
  • If the model state doesn't exist the master Model state will be used.

New Sovelia Vault menu

The 2023 version also has a new menu inside Vault where you directly can access Sovelia Help, Sovelia Support and log out from your license. This will simplify the license handling, make it easier to find information and you will have one channel of information from Symetri regarding Sovelia Vault.

Other updates and fixes

  • Improvement: Data export now warns in log if Structured Bom is changed
  • Improvement: Value case alteration and date format are now both usable for Data Export even if Property Source is not set to "Computed"
  • Improvement: URLs now use correct port even if IIS HTTP/HTTPS schemes aren't used
  • Improvement: Job Processor now iterates through all profiles rather than being commited to one
  • Bug fix: Profile menu no longer crashes if one user has no accounts connected


Sovelia Inventor 2023.1 release news

02 January 2023

We are proud to announce the Sovelia Inventor 2023 release is now available. This ensures your Sovelia Inventor compatibility with the latest Autodesk Inventor making some of the tasks in your design work easier with extensive selection of productivity tools and automated workflows. 

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