Sovelia Vault 2024.0.0 released

Sovelia® Vault is a mature product and we are focusing on improvements and customer ideas for the 2024 Version.

We are doing many technical preview releases through the year and often the new version are a summary of the updates through the year.

With the upgrade to 2024 we also included refactoring and improving the structure to allow for faster and more consistent additions of new features, such as items and custom actions.


Watermark functionality is now available for Word secondary format

On request from our customers we have now added Watermark for Microsoft Word. The watermark are added in the Configuration menu. Watermarking can signify whether the document is a preliminary version not ready for manufacturing or just a document for pre-review of a design. A watermark stamp is hard to miss and will most likely eliminate the risk that manufacturing are done from non released documents.


We can set PDF Watermark by lifecycle.

- Add Watermark; True or False

- Select Lifecycle; All or exept

- Watermark Expression; Can be typed manually or from Vault property

- Watermark position; Diagonal, Top, Bottom

- Watermark color; Select color


Data export now allows for JSON output

Another Customer request is to export JSON formats from Data Export


Data export now allows for Excel output

We have also added export to XLSX formats from Data Export


E-mail functionality is now integrated in to its own category rather than being a custom action

We are refactoring and improving both the configuration interface and the ease of programming and updating the application. We are standardising some of the custom actions and add them into the main interface.


Data Export for Items added

Since the introduction of model states we have created more item functionality into Sovelia Vault. The only way to export a BOM from Vault that supports model states is to use Items in Vault.

The Configuration supports the Item BOM Settings and will export "on" rows as set in the Item BOM.


French language support for client

Om request from one of our large customers we have created language pack for French for the Sovelia Vault Client.



Other fixes and improvements.

Drawing List no longer crashes if Part Number is not mapped on assembly files

Update Vault Rev-Table no longer crashes while running on client

Admin override on action sets no longer allows anyone but admins to override, no matter what other rights they might have

Fixed visibility bug on Attachments tab while using Vault in dark mode

Update View custom action now includes SolidWorks DWF as allowed extensions


Ideas portal

As a customer you are always welcome to add your ideas or requests through the Sovelia Customer ideas website at  Sovelia Customer Ideas (

Sovelia Vault 2024.1 Release news

07 January 2024

Sovelia Vault 2024.1 introduces more model state options for both BOM and secondary documents. This release also includes more options for item export and some requested improvements and fixes.

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02 January 2024

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