Sovelia Vault 2023.1 released

The latest version of Sovelia® Vault is now released. In this 2023.1 version we have added and enhanced functionality with many of the improvements directly from user feedback.

Ideas portal

As a customer you are always welcome to add your ideas or requests through the Sovelia Customer ideas website at  Sovelia Customer Ideas (


New and improved functionality

1. Property Update has configuration for manual execution

In previous versions the property Updates could only run from a action set. We can in this release configure a manual execution for the Property Updates.


And run it manual from the Sovelia Vault Mouse Right Click Menu from vault files.


2. Data export, secondary formats and BOM export has property builder for folder name

Destination Folder for Data Export, Secondary Formats and BOM can now be configured using Vault properties and output filename.


3. Watermark functionality available for AutoCAD secondary formats

Watermarking can signify whether the document is a preliminary version, not ready for production or just a document for pre-review of a design. A watermark stamp is hard to miss and will most likely eliminate the risk that production is done from non-released documents. On request we have now made the Watermarks available for AutoCAD Secondary formats.

Watermarking is configured in the PDF and DWF settings inside Sovelia® Vault Configurator.


  1. Add Watermark; True or False
  2. Select Lifecycle; All or except
  3. Watermark Expression; Can be typed manually or from Vault property
  4. Watermark position; Diagonal, Top, Bottom
  5. Watermark color; Select color


4. Watermark has font height configurable

To further control the watermarks we have added more configuration. We can now adjust the font height for the Watermark by a percentage factor.


5. Added core custom action for running .bat and .ps1 scripts

A custom action where you can run scripts in bat or ps1 formats is added. The configuration is done from the custom action tab in the Sovelia® Vault Configurator, and we can easily run scripts with arguments if preferred.


6. Configuration tool has a new button that displays the main page for Sovelia Vault help

The configurator has gotten a "Help" button to easily access the Sovelia Vault Help


7. Property Update now supports computing value from other properties

We now have an option to build the computed value from other property values - using property builder tool on filename for secondary files. Allows concatenation of other properties, transfer of system properties/version properties to user properties. e.g. capture version comments on state change to a user defined property.



8. iLogic actions can now be configured to be divided into one job per file type


9. Data Export now has a file encoding option in the configuration


Other issues resolved

  • Assigning item after attaching file no longer causes error
  • Making state changes on other addins that trigger Sovelia Vault action sets no longer breaks Sovelia Vault after first job
  • Unlicensed older year versions (2020, 2021, 2022) now works properly
  • Warning that no configuration exists is no longer displayed on login
  • Running iLogic as batch against file to which you do not have edit access to no longer causes crash


Sovelia Inventor 2023.1 release news

02 January 2023

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