Sovelia PLM 24.0 release news

Sovelia PLM 24.0 focuses on performance and optimization improvements with a data export option.  

Performance and optimization

This release is primarily focused on increased performance and optimization. Performance improvements let you work more efficiently as Sovelia works faster and the overall performance is smoother. This contributes to an improved user experience and reliability. As this version focuses on performance improvement, it has fewer visible new features or functions. 

The time for tasks to be completed has been the main focus for performance improvements. What would we all do with a little more time? Reducing the time tasks take to complete is key.

Export CSV or Excel

There is a new data export functionality so that users can extract large quantities of data (up to 2 million lines) as CSV or Excel format.

The video below shows creating a search, manipulating the results to change the match count and then exporting the results. 

The notification section then displays the progress of the conversion. In some large cases the process may take many minutes depending on the quantity of data and the number of grid columns selected. So it is useful to see the progress in the notification section.

Once complete the Excel or CSV can be downloaded and opened.


Matched count displayed

A search result count has been added in the top left of the search page. As only a small number of search results are displayed on the screen users can now see the scale of the search and subsequent filters applied to the searches.  Watch the video above to see the matched count display update as different search criteria are selected.


General improvements

Many more fixes and updates to the HTML browser environment have been implemented. Take a look at the product release notes in the software once the product has been installed for a list of fixes and updates. 

Contact us to find out how your existing system can be upgraded to the latest version. 

Sovelia Vault 2024.1 release news

07 January 2024

Sovelia Vault 2024.1 introduces more model state options for both BOM and secondary documents. This release also includes more options for item export and some requested improvements and fixes.