Sovelia PLM 23.1 is released

Read the latest news and all major inclusions into the 23.1 release of Sovelia PLM below.


Filtering and finding the right information is key to successfully using Sovelia PLM. In this release we have continued to think about how users navigate their way.
Search is always visible in the middle of the browser window (Global Search) and now there are 2 quick selections in the search bar.

Type tree has been made selectable, and also multi-selectable. This enables you to search Items & Documents at the same time. In addition to Type Tree, also the Status name is now always available. That means you could search all items that are In Production with just 4 clicks.

The structure search

In the Sub tree search, the search information is contextual. In the example below the sub tree only contains 3 status types, so only 3 are listed for selection.


Linking menu

The link menu or in place search gets a refresh to make the interface more user friendly and easier to understand and find the correct object(s) you are looking for.

Search analysis gets a shake up

New controls have been added to the search analysis section down the left hand side of the screen once a search has been performed.


Type tree, Status name & Object class will always be shown at the top of the list.

Below those three sections and the Show Less section with all the other data fields. In the example below Description is the data field that is shown. By clicking the paperclip in the top right, it moves the box above the Show Less line and always visible.


Cancel a search

Sometimes when you search you have little idea of how big a task you have asked Sovelia or maybe you just change your mind. If the results of your search are not displayed immediately (usually within about 5 second) the cancel option will appear in the search bar and you will have the option of cancelling the search.

Extended comments functionality 

As part of a status change, a comment can also be now added. Adding the functionality of comments into the status process opens up a new interaction for users. Adding an @ and a users name will enable a notification to be sent to that person.


Once the status has been changed a notification will be sent to the user. In this case @ADM

Clicking the bell icon expands the Comment.

The notification is temporary and can be turned off or it stops after 30 days. The comment will always stay connected with the object and is displayed in the comment section of the object card.

User request Keyboard arrow keys

We have introduced the ability to use the arrow keys on the keyboard to navigate some fields in the window.

An example here is the advanced search function, using the Up & down arrow keys scrolls up and down the next field. Using the left and right arrows expands and contracts the sub levels.


Clickable status bar

Clicking on the colored status bar in the object card takes the user to the results displayed in a grid format.

Self administration tool

We continue on our journey to empower users with the ability to administer their own Sovelia PLM. With this release we have added some new functionalities supporting this.

  • The ability to define what the next new document, item or drawing looks like.
  • Combinations of numbers, letters, characters and ranges.
  • In the Schema section selecting an object type from the menu on the left now displays Identifier and revision sequences.

Identifier sequences

Once an identifier has been created, it can be assigned to an object type. The Identifier can also be edited or tweaked if the need changes or you didn't get it right the first time. 


Revision sequences

Revision sequences can be created, assigned to an object type, edited and unassigned.

As the search functionality of the Administration tools grows there is more needs to find the correct tree type, data type or other value. To make the task of finding easier we have made the whole data model content searchable from the top of the window. A number of controls in the search box enable expansion or collapse of the search results.

Sovelia Vault 2024.1 Release news

07 January 2024

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