Sovelia Inventor 2023 release news

Sovelia® Inventor is a feature rich product and with this 2023 release the focus has been on adding user requested functionality as well as improve existing functionality. You can get the latest version by contacting us

We are proud to announce the Sovelia Inventor 2023 release is now available. This ensures your Sovelia Inventor compatibility with the latest Autodesk Inventor making some of the tasks in your design work easier with extensive selection of productivity tools and automated workflows. 


Dark mode preview

The Dark mode will follow the Autodesk Inventor UI mode. This is a preview and there are some details that are still not Dark Mode compatible.


Sequence Series Number Generator

Many customers have requested a number generator in order to add sequential numbering into properties as "Article Number" etc. The series can be a combination of letters and numbers, and its possible to have several series on different properties. We can create the Number series properties from the configurator and set up the behavior in the configuration.

The Sequence number symbol will add next number in the selected series.


Multi select - Show all values

Property Editor can now list all different property values when multiple compents are selected

When several components are selected we can right mouse click on the "Varies" property and list the values. A value can be selected from the list to set as common value for all selected components.


Removed Set as standard button in Property Editor

In previous versions we had to manually set a standard configuration setup in the property editor. Now property editor remember last used setup.


Old version New version


Possibility to use multilevel assemblies in components

Add multilevel assemblies in Sovelia Components is now possible. All library or standard content center can be re-used.

Added Support for assemblies in Place on Part-command: We can now insert assembly on top of multibody parts. A typical use will be where we build a layout with simple components and want to generate a BOM after the model are completed and assembled.

Example: Insert a multibody handrail part and build an assembly to get a BOM




Property Editor drop down lists per document type

The property editor can now have different property cards per file type and also different drop down lists for same properties in different file types.


Property Editor can edit Virtual Components

The property editor now supports Virtual components making editing of all aspects of the Inventor assembly now possible.

Other minor improvements, updates and fixes

  • Improvement: Configurable rev-part of file name in Publish to other formats
  • Improvement: Support for ultra high resolution
  • Improvement: Property Editor improved for components with model state
  • Improvement:Marine Industry NS 2658 Ladder rungs of square steel bar added to libraries
  • Improvement: Added Function to calculate weight in grams (weight_g:)
  • Bugfix: Components no longer counted in Property Editor when Highlight is turned off
  • Improvement: Possibility to create Inventor DWG file in Make Part Drawings
  • Improvement: Possibility to create Inventor DWG file in Draw Plates
  • Improvement: Added mass units support in Property Editor
  • Improvement: Added Cutting Method-property for use in Draw Plates
  • Improvement: Setup.ini is now read from current directory during installation
  • Improvement: Components Bolts with thread designation Updated to suit new standards
  • Improvement: Improved performance for Property Editor Highlight
  • Improvement: Added possibility to set Base Quantity in Update Properties
  • Improvement: Publish to other formats no longer requires a saved file
  • Improvement: Lookup set properties no longer requires a saved file

Sovelia Vault 2024.1 Release news

07 January 2024

Sovelia Vault 2024.1 introduces more model state options for both BOM and secondary documents. This release also includes more options for item export and some requested improvements and fixes.

Sovelia PLM 23.2 release news

02 January 2024

Read the latest news and all major inclusions into the 23.2 release of Sovelia PLM, for example new functionalities in the Search and self administration tools.