Sovelia CAD Add-in (Inventor) 24.1. released

Thinking of upgrading? Want to see when a feature was introduced? Below outlines all the major inclusions into the 24.1 version of the CAD Add-in for Inventor.

Status Identification through colours

The Status colours in the HTML are now carried across into the property grid of the CAD Add-in inside Inventor.


Enhancements for Vault Professional users

Replace Replace all

Two new commands have been added to the CAD Add-in ribbon menu in inventor, Replace and Replace all.

The commands will use the common search to locate an item in Sovelia PLM. upon selection the item will then replace a single item in the assembly or replace all instances in the assembly.


Copy design post process Enhancements

Use Existing Part Number

Using the copy design post process for Sovelia PLM in vault now adds the ability to name the new Item or drawing based on the part number and revision in the Inventor properties rather than assigning the next available number from Sovelia.


Recognise existing

When creating new items using the Copy Design Post Process tool for Vault if the item or drawing already exists in Sovelia the object will be unselected from the copy and a message displayed "Sovelia reference exist!"


Mirror Supported

After using the mirror command in Inventor the Sovelia Property card will now appear



If a user has created a datafield in Sovelia PLM and set the type to URL as in the image below.

In the property card of the CAD Add-in the Type URL is recognised.

This is signified by a globe icon at the end of the line.

The system will recognise if the URL is valid. If it is the URL link will be opened up in the default browser.

Sovelia Vault 2024.1 Release news

07 January 2024

Sovelia Vault 2024.1 introduces more model state options for both BOM and secondary documents. This release also includes more options for item export and some requested improvements and fixes.

Sovelia PLM 23.2 release news

02 January 2024

Read the latest news and all major inclusions into the 23.2 release of Sovelia PLM, for example new functionalities in the Search and self administration tools.