Sovelia Autocad 2023 release news

Sovelia® AutoCAD is a mature product and the focus in product development is to improve the functionality of the tool based on users and customers ideas. All the new functionality for this 2023 release is based on customer's requests and needs. You can get the latest version by contacting us

Enhanced Find and Replace functionality in Find Block

When Working with AutoCAD we often use blocks to insert components and also for title blocks and tables. Sovelia® AutoCAD have tools to simplify that and we have this year added functionality for managing blocks.

From the Find Block command we get a interface where we can search and find, edit and replace blocks in a easier way.


Replace block functionality when using Symbols (NEW!)

When using Symbols we can replace symbols by selecting or multiselect symbols. This simplifies the job of doing design changes.

Sovelia AutoCAD Find and replace


Fire symbol library (NEW!)

Its a completely new fire symbol library available. We can insert symbols and tables and manage them in Sovelia® AutoCAD.


Summarise function in tables (NEW!)

Its possible to add information to the items in a drawing, insert a table and get it automatically summarized. For example weight as below.


Most recently used symbols (NEW!)

When working in multidiscipline drawings there's a lot of menus and symbols to keep track on, but we have made it easier by introducing a menu with the last 20 used symbols so its faster to find them again.


Import settings for layers

When working with old drawings they quite often don't comply with the current layer settings. We have introduced tools to create and import layers. The setup is quite easy using a configurator  where we can create, save and load the setup.


Other fixes and Improvements

  • Improvement: Added SIS BH90 drawing borders.
  • Improvement:  Improved count attribute function.
  • Improvement:  Enhanced functionality when drawing and modifying lines for disciplines.
  • Added : New symbols, functionality, linetypes, layers and reorganization of the Hyd library.
  • Added : New PID pipeline categories and types.
  • Added : New symbols, functionality and reorganization of the EL library.
  • Added : New symbols and functionality in the PID library.
  • Bugfix:  Fixed problems in Multi Drawing Manager.
  • Bugfix:  Fixed problem with slides in symbol dialog.
  • Bugfix:  Fixed problem with common automatic attribute setup.

Sovelia Inventor 2023.1 release news

02 January 2023

We are proud to announce the Sovelia Inventor 2023 release is now available. This ensures your Sovelia Inventor compatibility with the latest Autodesk Inventor making some of the tasks in your design work easier with extensive selection of productivity tools and automated workflows. 

Sovelia PLM 22.2 Released

19 December 2022

Thinking of upgrading? Want to see when a feature was introduced? Below outlines all the major inclusions into the 22.2 release of Sovelia PLM.