Sovelia Vault

What's new in the latest Sovelia Vault release?

There are some major new features and fixes in the this latest release of Sovelia Vault, an add-on to Autodesk Vault PDM solution.

New functionality

Action sets have Execution conditions

Thick client links available in the email . Add "[vcurl]" to your body, subject etc.

Thin(web) and thick client links available in data exports.

Custom Action - Copy folder properties to file
New custom action allows for a property on a folder (first one that matches the category. If current folder does not have correct category, it will iterate upwards until it finds one) Set the Category that the folder needs to match and right click on the custom action to assign properties

Some of the fixes include:

  • Vault username in Data Exports is now correct on job processor.
  • Ilogic rules get filtered correcly for which file type they where made.
  • Date format in configurator was greyed out for data exports.
  • Property Card save button (and other fields) now reacts to read only status
  • Property Card status bar now works.
  • "Inventor Drawing" now replaces "Drawing" in configurator and product to clarify that we're not supporting Solidworks drawings.
  • Removed Job processor credentials (due to security concerns) from Configurator. It's still possible to use and edit these manually in the xml file.
  • Help link now points to
  • Copy File custom action. Descriptions updated to reflect functionality better.

Sovelia Vault Configuration Profiles makes it possible to have multiple configurations on the same Vault

From the version 2021.3, configuration profiles makes it possible to have multiple configurations on the same Vault.

Configuration profiles provides the possibility to use the same vault but with different sets of configurations. The most common scenario is that you can clone the active profile to make changes or updates (a test profile), make sure it really works and then make the switch when everything is up and running. Other important usages is when you have different departments that use their own settings, or you might need different settings for working towards different suppliers or as a subcontractor.

Read the instructions how to configure profiles in Knowledge base.


More information about the release in the Knowledge base, log in here.

When you want to install the latest version, please contact us or see your local contacts on Symetri Europe website.

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Join the Sovelia sessions at this years Autodesk University

29 September 2021

Two Sovelia add-ons to Autodesk software are being introduced to all AU attendees this year, Sovelia Vault for Vault users and Sovelia Visualizer for Inventor users. Attending AU is free, so just click the links below to sign up.

Sovelia PLM release 21.1 now available

16 September 2021

This Sovelia PLM version release includes support for Single Sign On (SSO), New tagging function, Grid configuration optimisation, Hierarchical Data fields enhancements.