Sovelia PLM is now Sovelia Core

We are excited to announce that our Sovelia PLM solution is now called Sovelia Core. The product itself remains the same and all the functionality is available as before, only the name is changing.

Sovelia PLM is now Sovelia Core

The reason for the name change is that we are strengthening our global presence in the product lifecycle management market. With the new name, we can better demonstrate the essence of Sovelia offering and differentiate it from other solutions.

We strongly believe that manufacturing organizations’ product information and documentation is the key to innovation and operational success. With Sovelia Core, the right product information is available when and where it’s needed. This ensures efficient operations and fosters collaboration, enables clear communication and supports well-informed decisions. Sovelia offers a specific solution to manage product data and Bill of Materials and we believe this is the core to our customers’ success. That’s why our PLM solution is now called “Sovelia Core”.  

"We are convinced that the name Sovelia Core truly embodies the essence of our product and aligns seamlessly with our mission that the product information is the cornerstone of our customers' operations," says Mikko Viertola, Chief Technology Officer at Symetri. "This rebranding initiative marks an exciting chapter in our journey towards empowering engineering organizations worldwide."


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