Sovelia Days 2024: Connecting customers and sharing experiences

Sovelia Days 2024 took place in Tampere, Finland again on April 16-17. This two-day event brought together Sovelia customers from all over Finland to connect, share insights and explore the latest innovations in Sovelia products.

Sovelia Days 2024: Connecting customers and sharing experiences

The most important goal for Sovelia Days is to enable discussions, information sharing and networking between customers. For this purpose, the event offers multiple breaks, round-table discussions, dinners and other opportunities for free discussion. Everyone attended in lively discussions and asked a lot of questions!

In addition to the discussion, the agenda included presentations from both customers and Sovelia experts at Symetri.

Kai Hermonen from Škoda Group opened the first day with a presentation on how they use Sovelia in manufacturing light and heavy rail rolling stock. Škoda Group manufactures e.g. railroad cars and trams, and it was interesting to hear how extensively they use Sovelia PLM.

Round-table discussions created lively conversations around Sovelia PLM and Sovelia Configurator as customers shared their ideas and wishes for future development.

Ekeri Ab Oy produces truck trailers for the transportation industry and is known especially for its side-opening trailers for easy loading. Janne Lindblom and Tomas Backlund from Ekeri presented how they have taken Sovelia PLM into use and how Sovelia supports their business.

Tim Ray and Sami Lehtonen from Sovelia presented the latest developments and future plans for Sovelia. 

One of the highlights of the event was Mikko Viertola’s presentation about AI and what opportunities and challenges artificial intelligence brings when developing software. Mikko Viertola is leading the AI project in Symetri Technology and shared his experiences and learnings about AI and how to utilize it in improving user experience and automation.

It was great to see the community of Sovelia customers who are at the forefront of driving innovation and achieving success in their fields. We couldn’t be happier with the event, the presentations, the discussions, and the great atmosphere! Thank you to all the customers who participated, asked questions and shared insights. See you next year!


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