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Sovelia is a digital platform supporting design, engineering and product lifecycle processes. It enables the easiest and most user-friendly way to manage and distribute product information over the complete product’s lifecycle. 

Sovelia enables you to link your processes and systems, optimise your data, and empower your teams to collaborate seamlessly. Incorporating predefined industry best practice processes, an open data model and open interfaces, Sovelia drives cost-efficient practices by giving you the tools to create, innovate, and manage, effortlessly. 

Sovelia's intuitive user interface delivers a PLM journey with no delays, no complexity, and no scope for misinterpretation; unique modules delivering control and visibility across robust and reliable data that makes everybody’s role easier, in one suite across the entire product lifecycle, or as individual tools to address your own specific design and engineering needs.

Faster results. More connection. Greater value.

More customer cases

Sovelia PLM covers the management of entire lifecycle of the products, also after our pharmacy automation equipment has been delivered. It manages items, product structures and documents like drawings and 3D models.
Mauri Kankkunen
Supply Chain Manager at NewIcon
Our business is growing and we have the need to expand the usage of Sovelia PLM. Going forward Sovelia will handle Items, BOM´s and Change Management enabling people across R&D and Operations to work smarter.
Rickard Wallster
ScandiNova Systems
Whether it be workflow automation, triggered creation of release documents or automatic sending of emails containing status reports, Sovelia Vault let's us do these processes in an automated way. It’s highly customizable and it really tailors the environment towards better efficiency. There is simply no better alternative for this tool.
Jaap Leussink
IT Technical Analyst at Parker Hannifin
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How do you guarantee the correct information is transferred from your design environment to PLM?

When you look at all PLM systems one of the fundamental issues they face is getting the correct, good quality data into the PLM system in the first place. “Crap in, Crap out” is a phrase that has been used to describe this problem whenever talking about transferring information from one system to another. How do you guarantee the correct information is transferred from your design environment to PLM?

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Installed base management

Installed base is the Sovelia PLM template that takes a standard Bill of materials and makes it unique for every product that is delivered. You can categorize according to the service requirements, including possible spare parts or maintenance services.

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